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See the bigger picture by managing your customer information & sales across Jira and Confluence

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Customer information overview

Have easy access to customer information in Confluence and Jira. See the bigger picture by linking customer information and sales to issues and pages.

Link with Jira issues

Use Atlas CRM for Jira to link related issues to your customer. Always know what the customer has requested and what work is done for them.

Link issues to the customer profile

Link customers to Confluence pages

Link any Confluence page to the company or contact the document is about, so you can always easily access all the information about the customer.

Manage sales in Jira

Organize the workflow of the sales inside the Atlassian tools. Get your sales organized in Atlassian tools by planning and tracking sales related issues. Adding customer information and sales has immediate value not only to the sales and marketing teams but also to to the business and the organisation.

Manage sales IN jiRA

Sync with Jira Service Desk

By syncing with Jira Service Desk, your teams can be aware of the complete situation of your customer. Access customer's history, issues, pages and sales from your support request issues. This helps to drastically improve the quality of the customer service.

Manage customer information across Atlassian tools

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