Enrich Jira and Confluence with customer information

An overview of your customer

View an overview of your customer in the customer profile. It contains the latest information about your customer and is accessible from Jira (and Confluence for cloud users).

Customer information in issues

Information about your customer is available in Jira issues and Jira Service Desk requests. You no longer need to leave your Atlassian tooling to provide support or access information.

An overview of issues for a customer

Get an overview of work that your organization is doing for a customer. All Jira issues and Jira Service Desk requests for a customer can be found in a single overview.

Enrich your Atlassian tools with customer information

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Customer information in Confluence (cloud only)

Access customer information when you’re working in Confluence pages. The complete customer profile is available inside Confluence, including the overview of issues.

An overview of pages for a customer (cloud only)

All documents that are related to a customer can be found in the customer profile. Contracts, invoices, meeting notes and anything else you manage in Confluence.

Manage sales (cloud only)

Turn opportunities into sales by tracking them in your customizable sales funnel. Sales are integrated with customers and added to the customer profile.

Add issues and pages to sales (cloud only)

Plan work and add documents to sales with its Jira and Confluence integration. Collaborate by assigning work to users. Document ownership by assigning the entire sale to one person.

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