A roundup of the Atlassian Connect Week

Howdy y'all! Atlassian Connect Week in Austin, TX, is over. Our goal was to write a HipChat integration for Atlas CRM. We have achieved much more than that! Here's what this means for Atlas CRM and you as a customer.

Welcome Atlassian Connect Week!

Why HipChat integration?

If you look at our roadmap, you will notice that this is not the #1 on the list. So why did we choose to work on it? It's a long story but I will try to explain as best as I can. Atlas CRM is currently available in both Confluence and Jira. This means your CRM data is available in both products. That's great! (I am not making this up, this is what you tell us).

What is not so great is that we have to go through a lot of trouble to make Atlas CRM work as good in both Jira and Confluence. While we reuse much of the code, there is some stuff that is hurting us which slows down development. To resolve this, we have been looking at alternative ways to integrate with the Atlassian products.

Adding HipChat to the mix pushes us even more to get this out of the way. And it turned out to be a good choice. Last week we made great progress and came up with a much better architecture.

How does this impact the roadmap?

  1. We will not finish the Atlas CRM app for HipChat as of now. We know how to do it, but you asked for other features first. If you disagree, please let us know by voting the feature up on the roadmap.
  2. We will spend some time revamping the Atlas CRM experience in Jira and Confluence. This is hard at first, but then makes everything much easier. It will cost us a bit of time, but after that, we can go faster.

When, what and how?

  • We will update the app for Confluence first. The overview of companies and contact that you access now from within a space, will move to a separate area. This release will help with the explicit syncing issue that you may have seen when you share your data with a Jira instance. The sync approach, which at first seemed the way to go, has brought us, and you, a lot of trouble. We will lose some of the search power from within Confluence when doing this, but we gain in stability.
  • Next is the Jira add-on. When we ship this, the Atlas CRM menu will take you to a separate area, just like for Confluence. At the same time, we will change the way we store the issue links. It will make it easier to export/import to another instance if you choose to do so.
  • When we reach this point, you will automatically see the sales feature coming to Confluence.

What does this really mean for you?

  • Atlas CRM will have a much better user experience. This is mostly achieved by taking large parts of the application out of the constrained areas of Confluence and Jira. The most important parts will be the company/contact overview and the details pages. These pages will load notably faster. We will however still integrate in certain parts of the UI in Jira and Confluence, most significant are the issue linking and page linking right from within the issue and the page. We don't want to lose the context.
  • Atlas CRM will look and feel like the new Jira and Confluence even more. We are very proud to blend in nicely with the new Atlassian design and give you a unified experience.

We will update you on the progress during the coming weeks. We will also share some more designs. If you want to participate in early user testing or feedback sessions, contact us via the Service Desk.

Working hard on our add-on!

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