Sales feature updates: assign sales to users

It's a big day again! Today we rolled out a new version of the Sales beta with improvements you definitely want to test out.

Assign sales to Jira users

Organizing and monitoring your sales has just become much easier. Assigning the sales to your employees helps you to have a clear overview of who is responsible for certain deals.

Probability percentage

It is now possible to add more financial information about the sale - the estimated probability percentage. Based on the estimation, Atlas CRM will automatically calculate the projected revenue of the sale.

Access the sale from the company overview

It is handy when all the information you have about the company is at one place. Now you can also access the information about company related sales from the overview of the company.

Test the Sales feature

Interested to test out the Sales beta? The Jira Admin can enable the Sales under the Sales tab of the Atlas CRM main menu in Jira.

Check our public roadmap for planned changes and upcoming features and share your feature ideas. We would love to hear from you!

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