Atlas CRM pricing changes

Atlassian has changed their pricing for their Cloud products to per-user pricing. It also affects the Marketplace add-ons, Atlas CRM included. This is a heads up about the coming changes for Atlas CRM pricing.

We are currently working on many new features, for example, the public beta for sales (now you can also manage your sales in JIRA) is rolling out next month. The changes in mind, we settled on the pricing below, which we believe is representing the value the CRM add-on has for your organization.

For monthly customers, the new pricing strategy will retain the existing 10-user tier at a flat monthly rate. Above 10 users, monthly customers will be billed on a monthly rate per user, with progressive discounting above 100 users. This model is the Atlassian prescribed model that follows the JIRA/Confluence pricing strategy. Here is the new pricing for Atlas CRM:

Want to lock your old pricing before the change is made? You can do it by upgrading your monthly subscription to annual subscription. NB: After your next annual billing period the price changes will affect you as well.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

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