Connect Week in Austin and working together with Tony Kay

We are visiting Atlassian's Connect Week in Austin during July 24-28. However, we are flying out to Austin a week earlier because we want to get a taste of life as digital nomads. The extra days we use to prepare for the Connect Week. Our challenge is to ship a HipChat integration for Atlas CRM, while we also bring a list of 'things' that we want discuss with Atlassian.

In order to really learn what it takes to be a digital nomad we have invited Tony Kay to Austin for a couple of days. Tony is the creator of the Untangled framework which we use heavily for developing Atlas CRM. Untangled has recently been renamed to Fulcro. Tony quit his job to work full-time on Fulcro and we are keen to meet him and work with him .

We are sure that we have a lot to learn about Fulcro, Datomic and maybe even Clojure in general.

And of course, we are looking forward to spending a week in the amazing Atlassian office in Austin.

Thanks for having us!

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