Our first endeavor towards HipChat integration

At Atlas CRM we have a strong vision about integrating CRM within the Atlassian ecosystem. CRM functionality should be available right from within the products, for everybody in your company, not just sales or marketing. We have gone through great efforts to deeply integrate with JIRA and Confluence. Next on our list is HipChat!

It's not our highest priority (check our roadmap!), but we are visiting Atlassian's Connect Week in Austin, Texas from July 24-28. It's a good opportunity to get some help on it from Atlassian and end up with the best possible approach. Connect Week is where Atlassian gathers its greatest minds and invites add-on developers like us from all around the world to work on their products. Direct access to Atlassian developers gives us a highly productive week and that will eventually yield value for you as a user of Atlas CRM.

The Austin skyline

A HipChat add-on could really improve productivity in the daily usage of Atlas CRM. Processes that involve a high amount of communication could really benefit from integration in HipChat, it helps you streamline the work you do as a team.

Just a to give few examples of what we are looking at functionality-wise:

  • A high level overview of sales data (estimated revenue for example).
  • Chatting back and forth about a sale with the actual data in context.
  • A quick way to look up a contact.
  • Or how about getting a notification via HipChat on your Apple Watch when the team closes a deal.

Great teams use HipChat


Check for updates on our progress over the coming days while we work on this at Atlassian's Connect Week. In the meanwhile, if you are curious, check out Atlas CRM on the Atlassian marketplace. Or read more about getting started with Atlas CRM for JIRA and Confluence

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