Poor man's CRM in Jira

A lot of the work that you do in Jira is for a customer. Why is it so hard to see the customer in Jira? Hereby we will tell you about of few most common workarounds to keep an hand of the pulse of the customer relationships.
NB: If you are tired of workarounds, check out the pro tip which you can find at the bottom of this post.

Where you see the customer

When a customer files an issue, you see the name of the person in the Reporter field. It might be hard to recognize what company that person represents. Often the domain name in the email address helps. But it's far from what a CRM should offer you. You want names and numbers!

Let's see what we can do in stock JIRA to make that happen.

Use the description field

Really? Yes. It's surprisingly easy to use the description field to put customer data in. Sure, it's not rocket science and you have to put some effort into it, especially when working in a team.

There is a downside, obviously. Unstructured, no way to report on it, etc... but hey, it's progress. You had nothing before this, right. Be consistent and this is already a big win. Slightly better than this is to add one big text field that holds your CRM data. See the next paragraph on how to do this.

Use Custom Fields

What you can do in Jira is add custom fields to some issue types. You can define fields for data like the name, address and billing address of a customer.

You can learn how to add custom fields and how to configure custom fields.

Use comments

To record conversations, comments are your best option. The good thing is that you have an idea about when it all happened, as comments provide a good sense of time. Comments also suit well as a stream of events, showing how the tension builds up, for example in the case of a Sale issue.

Or use CRM add-on for Jira

Although the above is a good start (we know, we've been there), we've gone through great effort to create a much better place for contact and company information. If you want to have reportable and seamless overview of your customer inside your issues, check out Atlas CRM, the add-on that brings contacts and companies right to the heart of Jira and Confluence. It's not a sync with an external CRM system, it has been tailor build to integrate with issues in Jira and pages in Confluence. If you want to skip the hassle of what I described above, start using it today!

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