Private sales beta updates

We are currently working on the beta of the sales functionality in Atlas CRM. Today we released some significant improvements, which we would like to share with you.

New sale creation flow

The biggest change of this release is that when you create or edit sale it will open a pop-up.

If you have been using Atlas CRM for a while, this will look very familiar. Creating a sale is now similar to creating a company or contact, which makes it easier for everyone to use the app. The modal also makes it easier to create multiple sales, since you don't have to move back and forth between screens anymore.

This new flow will also make it possible for us to integrate sales in other parts of the app. We could make it possible to edit a sale from within an issue, for example.

Closed sales

Closed sales now show the closing date and are ordered by that date. So the latest closed sales will always be at the top of the list.

Linked issues are improved

When you open a sale without any linked issues it now shows a nice explanation. We also improved the add existing issues panel and updated the design of the table.

Styling changes

We also changed a lot of small details, so our sales design aligns better with the new design of Confluence and Jira.

There is more to come

See our roadmap for other features that we are planning to bring to the sales beta. We currently have these two features on our shortlist:

  • probability percentages
  • configurable funnels

You can expect these improvements in the near future.

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