Release notes 13-11-2017

We have released a new version of Atlas CRM today. This release contains improvements to the sales functionality in Atlas CRM. And there are some general improvements for Atlas CRM on Jira and Confluence.

Link contacts to a sale

Atlas CRM is used to manage all kinds of sales. All of these sales involve actual people who either work for the company you are selling to, or somehow assist in the process.

That's why it's now possible to link contacts to a sale.

You link contacts to a sale to document who is involved with the sale. But at the same time, this creates an overview of all the sales a contact is linked to.

Export sales

Atlas CRM is great for managing your sales, but sometimes you simply want to use this data elsewhere. This is now possible by simply exporting your sales data. You can choose to export open sales, closed sales or all sales.

Bug-fixes and improvements

We have also spent quite some time squashing small bugs. Thanks to everyone who mentioned these issues in our Service Desk.

And we have made a number of usability improvements. For the sales funnel and Atlas CRM for Confluence in particular.

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