Release notes 19-07-2018

This update makes it even easier to manage customers and collaborate with your colleagues.

Spend less time searching for customer information

Atlas CRM has moved to a dedicated location which is easier to access. You can find a link in the Confluence sidebar, which will take you to your customer information.

You can now bookmark Atlas CRM and access it directly, without opening Confluence first.

Sales in Confluence

Close more sales by managing them with Atlas CRM. It was available in Jira for a while, but now it’s also here in Confluence.

Add potential sales and nurture them throughout your sales funnel. Manage the work for a sale by planning issues for you and your colleagues. Collaborate around your sale by linking documents, research, proposals, contracts, invoices and more.

Share links with your colleagues

Want to share an Atlas CRM page with your colleague? You can now simply send them the link!

Discussing a customer is much easier now that you can send a link in your team chat. Or add the link to a document so anyone can instantly get more information.

A brighter future

Today’s update is our first step towards a brighter future for Atlas CRM.

A more unified approach

Atlas CRM is going to look and behave the same on Jira and Confluence, making it much easier to manage your customers throughout Atlassian products. You can expect a similar update in Atlas CRM for Jira soon, which will bring both products together even more.

Better feature availability

After updating Atlas CRM for Jira, we will be able to build features for Jira and Confluence at the same time. Having features in one product and not the other is a thing of the past. Unless they are related to Jira or Confluence specifically.

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