Release notes: 13-07-2019

This update makes it even easier and faster to manage customers and collaborate with your colleagues.

Faster and more powerful CRM

Atlas CRM is faster and more powerful than ever before. You’ll spend less time waiting and more time focusing on your customers.
Additionally, we have drastically improved the stability and performance of Atlas CRM.

Better collaboration and easier access

Collaborate with ease by sharing URLs with your colleagues. You can now share the URL to a customer profile with your colleagues. Great for in team chats or documents.

Immediately access a page by bookmarking it. An important customer, for example. Or Atlas CRM in general. You don’t have to open Jira or Confluence first.

Seamless between Jira and Confluence

Atlas CRM now looks and behaves the same on Jira and Confluence. Allowing you to focus on your work instead of finding your way through the app. This makes it easier to onboard new colleagues as well.

Link customers and sales while creating issues

Stay in the flow by linking companies, contacts and sales when you create an issue. This option is only available when you create an issue from within Atlas CRM, but it will save time when you’re working on your customers.

Link sales to Jira issues and Confluence pages

We have updated the way you link customers within Jira and Confluence. Now you can now also link sales to your issues, pages, and support requests.

If you have Atlas CRM for Confluence installed, you can now link Confluence documents to sales as well. Collaborate around your sale to make it a success!

One permissions scheme for Jira and Confluence

Permissions are now much easier to manage between Atlas CRM for Jira and Confluence. There’s one permission scheme that manages access to all of your users.

This is a much better alternative to Jira Global Permissions. Were will therefor deprecate Jira Global Permissions in the near-future.

And much more

  • Find your contacts easier by uploading an avatar.
  • Get a better overview with the new customers' overview.
  • The customer profile is now even more intuitive.
  • Find customers faster with our improved search.

A brighter future

Today’s update is another step towards a brighter future for Atlas CRM.

Better feature availability

Now we will be able to build features for Jira and Confluence at the same time. Having the features in one product and not the other is a thing of the past. Unless they are related to Jira or Confluence specifically.

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