Using 3 stages of the sales funnel to increase conversion

“Sales is an outcome, not a goal. It’s a function of doing numerous things right, starting from the moment you target a potential prospect until you finalize the deal.” This is a quote by Jill Konrath, a well-known sales strategist. As an employee working in a sales-driven environment, the ultimate outcome (not goal!) for you is to win a sale. But there are three global steps that need to be taken before finalising the deal and signing the contract.

Step 1: Finding a new lead

The first step in closing the deal is to gain new leads. Atlas CRM can help you enriching the lead with information such as the customer and company involved in this sale and the estimated revenue the sale will bring. The information present in a sale is shown in the picture below.

Information within a sale

Example of a sale in Atlas CRM

Step 2: Turning it into an oppurtunity

The second step to take before winning a deal is turning the lead into an opportunity. In Atlas CRM it is possible to add the estimated probability that the sale will be won in percentages. While moving the sale to another sales funnel stage, you might want to increase the probability!

Sales funnel with open sales

Example sales funnel

Step 3: Signing the contract

The third and last stap to win your deal is creating and signing the contract. Within Atlas CRM, you can easily change the status of a sale. Either change status: Won (Hopefully) or change status: Lost (maybe this customer wasn’t actually worth it ;).

How to change the status of a sale

Changing the status of a sale

Customizable sales funnel

Every company is unique and uses different funnel stages. Does your sales process involve more stages? Completely align your sales process with Atlas CRM by adding additional stages in the sales funnel. Using sales funnel stages can help you to increase conversion, since the information of a sale can be captured in one view. Are you curious to find out how your company can increase conversion?

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