We are adding five new languages in five weeks

With the growing market far beyond the English-speaking world, it's important for Atlas CRM to support different languages. More than a few customers requested translations to their native language and we are ready to respond to those requests. To make it happen, the most important step is to design the software with localization in mind. Luckily, we have done this from the very beginning. Let's start translating!

Our aim is to add five languages in the coming five weeks. That's a lot, but I'm sure we can make it:

1: Dutch

As Dutch is the native language in The Netherlands, Atlas CRM's homeland, we kicked off with the Dutch translation. The purpose of the first translation was primarily to gain insight in the quality of our localization efforts. We found some content that was not localized yet and some problematic areas, which we are currently fixing. We also measured how long it takes to translate all of Atlas CRM, so we can share this with translators.

2: Spanish

The most requested language was Spanish. We stumbled upon a really good translator to help us out here and the good news is that we are bringing the Spanish translation with us to Atlassian Summit which takes place next week (3-5 September) in Barcelona. Fantástico! You see what we did there? Barcelona... Spain... Spanish translation...

Many thanks to Arnau Abidal from MoreApp for reviewing the translation.

Software Localization (also referred to as l10n) is the process of adapting or translating software to a specific language, culture, and legal requirements. In many cases, localization will require modifications to the user-visible components of software such as the user interface, images, etc.

Dimitris Glezos (https://www.transifex.com/blog/2015/software-localization-guide/)

3: German

Next up is... German! The German translation is currently in progress. We hope to finish it before the end of the week and if we can get a good feel about the quality, we will demo it in Barcelona as well, please come to the booth if you are German and provide us with feedback about the translation. If you feel confident about your language skill level, we would very much appreciate a review on the complete translation. If the quality is comparable to the Spanish translation, this will take under an hour. If there's more feedback to give, this might be closer to 2 or 3 hours... In return, we will ship the German translation right after your approval (Hurra!), give you much praise in a blog post and send you an Atlas CRM t-shirt.

4-5: Which language is next?

Portuguese maybe? Arabic? Russian? You see, we don't know yet. We are determined to ship five languages, but we need to know where to go next. We need you to let us know. It's either number of requests for a specific language and/or a translation offer from a native speaker that will help us decide for the next language. Let us know via our support desk why it would be important to work on your language next. Or come and visit our booth at Atlassian Summit in Barcelona (3-5 September) and meet the team!

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