Why a CRM system is more than just a sales team's tool?

When you look at your business right now, do you feel that your Customer Management, the way it works right now, could be better?

Don't lose business because of the lack of information flow

The key to solve the threat of losing customers is to involve all your teams and collaborate around all the information you have about the customer. Customers are the most important asset to your business and looking after them is essential to your success. That said, taking care of your customers should not be only the task of the sales team. In the end, everyone in your company should be invested. From marketing and support to development, human resources and management. And your success starts from understanding and embracing the importance of one-view customer information accessible from every Atlassian tool you use.

Collaborate across teams

Having access to the customer information should not be left only to the sales team. Sales people can often feel left out because they don't feel they are on the same page with other teams. The lack of collaboration on this level can seriously influence the company's ability to deliver.

Optimize business operations

Sales funnel management serves as a primary factor for the sales success. This is because systematizing your approach in engaging customers and clinching deals enables your team to accomplish more. They will be able to see things on the same page, manage different expectations, set activity benchmarks and accurately measure outcomes. These capabilities, in turn, make it easier to optimize sales operations.

Manage your Sales in Confluence and Jira

Integrate with product management and collaboration tools

If you have already empowered your teams with Atlassian products, which improve your company's daily work, you have probably noticed that there is one thing they are missing. The customer. And honestly, a lot of your daily work revolves around customer, while you see it or not.

Have you also been struggling with integrating customer information into your daily workflow?

That's where Atlas CRM adds value to the project management and collaboration tools. The app helps organizations to see the bigger picture by linking customer information and sales data to every task and document related to the customer.

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