Why should you link your CRM system with Jira Service Desk?

Many companies manage their customer support requests through Jira Service Desk. A customer is able to submit a support request and the company will receive it as soon as possible and assist the customer as much as possible.

  • But how can you know whether the support request was written by one of your customers?
  • How can you check the history of this customer?
  • How can you know whether this is a new customer or whether this a high profile customer?

The problem with not linking Jira Service Desk and a CRM system

Let's take an example. A customer called a sales representative last week addressing that their CRM system failed to export data into CSV format. Every time the customer tried to export their data, an error dialogue box popped up. The sales representative took note of this in the CRM system and made an issue for the support department.

A week later, the problem was not fixed. The customer then called the sales representative again but the telephone number was busy so they made a support request. The support department assured the customer that the problem will be fixed in a week. The customer then became annoyed. They felt like they were not being taken seriously.

The main problem was that the support department did not realise that there were two issues from the same customer regarding the same problem. One internal issue in the CRM system and another support issue. The support department was not sensitive to the customer and did not connect the dots which frustrated the customer.

How can this problem be resolved?

The bright side

Linking a CRM system with Jira Service Desk makes teams work more transparently. Once a customer raises a support request, the contact details will then be automatically added to the CRM system. Teams are able to save their customer information from Jira Service Desk into the CRM system. This allows teams to have a full overview of a specific customer just a few clicks away.

This includes data such as all the sales activities, pages, internal issues created and previous Jira Service Desk issues. It allows teams to provide the customer with support, ensure the communication is personal and provide better customer service. If a customer then files a support request or calls for assistance, all the information is integrated in the CRM system. The support department can view the whole story before responding to the customer and provide concrete information to the customer.

In the end, the customer is happy and will give the company a good review. 

So why should you link Jira Service Desk to a CRM system? 

Linking Jira Service Desk and a CRM system will help you: 

  • Have a complete overview of your customer's information and the customer profile; 
  • You will always have the latest information updated by the customer and; 
  • Provide better customer service by having all the information at your finger tips. 

You can now link Jira Service Desk with Atlas CRM. Install Atlas CRM now and improve your customer service. 

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