Atlas CRM Features

Access customer information across Atlassian tools

All the information you have about your customers can be seamlessly accessed and organized in Confluence and Jira. Use company and contact profiles to have a full overview of your customers and other business contacts.

Customer information

Manage the information you have about your business contacts and customers across the Atlassian tools.

Companies & contacts

Create customer profiles containing all the relevant information you know about them. Add the names, email addresses, phone numbers, comments, roles, social media, billing address etc. Choose yourself.

Customize the template

Use templates to get started in no-time. You can modify the templates to your own business needs, so you can easily gather the information important for you.

Link contacts to company

Connect the company profile with contact profiles of the employees of the company you are having contact with. Have a full overview of the company and connected contact profiles.

Add roles

Adding roles to the contacts helps you to have a clear overview of which kind of contact you are dealing with.

Many relations

Keep contacts organized and connect company with all the contact profiles your teams are having with the company.

Comment and collaborate

Add comments to companies, contacts, and sales to share valuable information with your colleagues. You can save interactions with customers, information that does not fit elsewhere, have discussions and more.


Share customer and sales related information, ideas and insights with everyone in your company.

Collaborate with colleagues

Manage customer information across Atlassian tools

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