Atlas CRM Features

Customer Issues & Pages

Get an overview of everything that is going on with your customer by linking JIRA issues and Confluence pages. Solve problems smarter and faster now that you have all the information available in the customer profile.


JIRA issues

Always know the status of the work you're doing for a customer. Simply link the issue to your customer and it will be added to the overview in the customer profile.

Customer in the issue

You will find the customer in your issue, giving you the context you need to make better-informed decisions.

Project independent

Manage your work in projects that make sense for your business. Issues from all projects come together in the customer profile.


Confluence pages

Easily access all documents that are related to your customer, by linking Confluence pages.

Customer context

Enrich your Confluence pages with customer context. You'll always know who the Confluence page is about.

Works with any page

Link any Confluence page you want. Documents, invoices, meeting notes. Or install other add-ons to add even more possibilities.