Atlas CRM Features

JIRA Service Desk integration

Atlas CRM works great in combination with JIRA Service Desk. Make use of our JIRA Service Desk integration so that you can focus on helping your customers.

Atlas CRM adds customer information to a Customer Request

Customer overview

When a new support request comes in, Atlas CRM will give you an overview of your customer's history, issues, pages and sales.

Improved customer service

By being aware of the complete situation of your customer, your customer service will improve drastically.

Connect your teams

Is the work of another team influencing your customer? Your customer profile will inform you and bring your teams together.

Sync JIRA Users and Service Desk Customers with Atlas CRM Contacts

JIRA User Syncing

When a customer signs up on your Service Desk, an Atlas CRM contact will automatically be made. You will not have to do a single thing.

Synced users

When a customer updates their information, the Atlas CRM contact will automatically be updated as well. You will always have the latest information.

Automatically link issues

Atlas CRM automatically links customer requests to the corresponding company and/or contact. So you can focus on more important things.