Atlas CRM Features

Sales (beta)

Manage the work you're doing to close sales, right inside JIRA. Track your sales in a visual sales funnel, from lead all the way to contract.


Sales in JIRA

Use the power of JIRA to close your sales! Link issues to your sales and manage the work that needs to be done to make your sale a success.

Full control

Set-up your own workflow to close sales. Each issue linked to the sale can have its own workflow, simply managed in JIRA.

Track everything

Easily track your sales' statuses, the customer they relate to and the amount of money involved.


Visual sales funnel

Get an overview of all your sales, money involved and linked customers. In one visual sales funnel inside JIRA.

Financial overview

The sales funnel gives you an overview per funnel stage. Find out how many sales each stage has and what their total value is.

Plan work by funnel stage

Go one step further and plan your work according to the funnel stages. You'll know exactly what to do to progress each sale.