CRM system for Jira Service Desk

Customer relationship management software designed for Atlassian tools. Bring your project management, collaboration tools, customer support, customer data and sales together and archive more.

Imagine managing your Customer Support, CRM system and project management within the same system.

Access customer information from the support issues

Under every support issue you are able to see all the CRM data that you have about your customer. Access the history, the connected Jira issues, the Confluence pages, Sales and Comments.

Sync the CRM system with Jira Service Desk

When a customer signs up on your Service Desk an Atlas CRM contact will automatically be created. You will not have to do a single thing.

Automatically sync customer information

When a customer updates their information, the Atlas CRM contact will automatically be updated as well. You will always have the latest information.

Automatically link issues to the customer

Atlas CRM automatically links customer requests to the corresponding company and/or contact. So you can focus on more important things.

See all your customer information inside your Jira issues

Connect your teams and improve the customer service

Is the work of another team influencing your customer? Your customer profile will inform you and bring your teams together.

Service Desk issues next to your sales

Track leads, manage sales, help your customers, collaborate with your co-workers, and deliver the project - all within the same software.

Speed up your customer service with CRM system for Jira Service Desk

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